A Closed Circle Of Goodness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our world we use money and military power in order to changes things. How do we change the spiritual system?

Answer: The system changes when the lower is adapted to the upper. Israel is in the middle and has to adapt the nations of the world to the upper force. This means that Israel has to descend to connect the other nations with the upper level by closing this circle.

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This kind of adaptor is made when we organize a group or a roundtable in the middle. Our mission is to draw the nations of the world to such discussions and roundtables, and to bring them to the form of the upper, which means to the force of love and bestowal. We have to bring them as close as we can to the upper force, to bestowal, by making them resemble it.

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 If a person goes out to the nations of the world and organizes them in a circle, they take on a form that resembles the upper. This circle is made of several people (let’s say ten) who unite equally as each one sees the other as higher than himself.

Such a round structure resembles the upper level, and according to the law of equivalence of form, the lower circle and the upper level are connected according to the resemblance and the equivalence between them, through Israel who brought about this adaptability and equivalence. Thus the two parts begin to feel one another and the upper Light is poured from Above through Israel into the lower circle.

The more we expand this circle and create more identical circles that connect, the more the upper force can be revealed. Then Israel can become the pipe through which the Light that Reforms pours from the top down and influences the whole world, all the circles. This is how Israel will fulfill its mission of bringing the Light to the nations of the world.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/18/14

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