The Formula Of The Correction: A Circle – A Line – A Circle

Dr. Michael LaitmanAs a result of all the corrections, we have to return to the form of a circle, as was created by the Creator in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). But this can only be done by a multitude of lines, which means restrictions of the desire to receive, Masachim (screens) and Zivug de Haka’a.

The direct line is justice; pay and you will receive! Circles are like a mother that is ready to give us everything that she has: take whatever you want.

But the circles that we yearn for after the correction are such great number of straight lines that it takes on the form of a circle. If there are no limitations on my desire and it is fully corrected, I become a circle, the one who bestows equally, “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me.”

Of course, our ego is a circle and this circle is corrupt. It wants to enjoy everything it sees without any limitations and accounts. We have to bring it to the form of a corrected circle so that it will be totally in order to bestow, above any accounts. Its correction is fulfilled by a line. We restrict our desire and limit it by a Masach. It is the Masach that turns the circle into a line, since it limits the circle and arranges it according to a certain order and a certain account.

If it weren’t for the Masach, the vessels would remain circles, like the Light that created them. After the restrictions, however, we say no to unlimited receiving and are willing to receive only according to a certain ration, a certain account, a certain agreement. The Creator is not involved in that.

By restricting yourself, you seem to say to the Creator: “Wait, please give me time to manage my desire to receive. I want to fix it. The moment I fix it we will connect. Please don’t interrupt me, just help me when I ask for Your help.” If I don’t do that, I will feel shame, and if I do that I will be worthy, and I will be independent.

Work in a straight line means working according to justice. This is determined by how much I can place the group in contrast to my desire to receive, so that by the help of the group I will draw the Light that Reforms and ask the Creator for help. Direct line is working with the Masach, according to my ability to overcome shame and turn it into respect, according to an account of how much a person can use his nature and the Creator’s nature,

Question: An ordinary line connects points, what does this line connect?

Answer: This line connects the desire to receive with the Light through the Masach. Thus, the circle of “in order to receive” turns into a circle of “in order to bestow.” The corrected circle is created by multiplying the number of lines until Ein Sof. If we find even a grain of a “desire to receive,” we turn it into a line.

It turns out that such an infinite amount of lines becomes a circle. Receiving in order to bestow infinitely is also called circles. Thus we return to the world of Ein Sof. We can turn our desire to receive into lines except for the heart of stone that will be corrected by all our efforts all at once at the end. This is according to the condition of: “He swallowed an army and shall vomit it.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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