The World Is Making A Transition From Reception To Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur world is becoming more and more “round”; this means that the collective mutual link between everyone is being discovered; everyone influences everyone.

Ten thousand years ago you would have attacked your neighbor, you would have killed and eaten him. Five thousand years later you would have already stopped killing the neighbors, rather you would have understood that it was better to enslave them.

Another few thousand years passed and you would have attacked your neighbor and made him a worker since a slave was no longer worthwhile. Everything is established according to what is useful to the desire to receive. But today things are no longer the way they used to be. If you were to attack someone and conquer him today, you would begin to feed him and be concerned for him. Therefore, in our times wars are not worthwhile.

We see how the world, without understanding on its own, is gradually transitioning entirely from reception to bestowal! All of our systems (economics, health, and so forth) must transform to be more “round”; we have no other choice. Governments are compelled to distribute money to their people so that everyone will have something to eat. Nations have now transformed into social security institutions and welfare bureaus. Whether it wants to or not, every nation must transform into a system that is primarily concerned about its ordinary citizens.

All this is a result that we are approaching “circles,” spherical vessels. Otherwise we cannot exist in conditions like these. But in this kind of form we will not be released from problems because these changes are made from above, from the government, by the circles. We must do this from below, through correction by the person, through the “straight line.”

The way of correction from above is a long way of “recognition of evil.” As much as this seems nice to us today, that a nation is concerned for its citizens so that everyone will get all that they require, in the end, this will bring immense destruction. Ultimately, we must discover that we must begin correction from below. There must be bestowal from the side of the person below, therefore, we must turn to the most failed strata, take care of them, and bring to them the method of correction.

“Circles” is the discovery of the higher power, the Upper Light, the upper Kli. And these become a great threat over us. All the forces of nature are revealed in the form of a circular shape. A person must work in the form of a straight line.

A tsunami wave that comes doesn’t take into account if you are a good or a bad person, rich or poor, instead it wipes out everything in its path. That is how the circles work. And we must become a straight line. Though the straight line is opposite the circle, when it becomes the bestower, it actually fills the circles. With this we transform ourselves into a force that fills the Creator. The guest must fill the host, just as the host wants to fill the guest. This is what is called reaching adherence through equivalence of form and equivalence of deeds.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/11/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. Thank you Michael Laitman for serving your true purpose, for allowing a system of infinite wisdom and unconditional love to run through your vessel. Thank you for being so brave as to fulfill your god given duty and disseminate this wisdom unto others. Thank you for always knowing, feeling, and being that which is the creator. God bless you.

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