Antibiotics No Longer Work

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Finmarket): “Alexander Fleming, the creator of penicillin, warned still in 1940 that the effect of his discovery would not last forever, that microbes would adapt to medications. The more available medications became, the faster microbes developed the ways to protect against them.

“Antibiotics are losing their properties so quickly that it becomes unprofitable for companies to develop them. Making one drug cost about a billion dollars, and these costs do not have time to pay off before the microbes adapt to them. Soon, minor infections will become fatal again.

“Without antibiotics people would not be able to treat cancer and to transplant organs because these procedures are not possible without suppressing the immune system. Any treatment which requires injecting drugs in the human body, for example, kidney dialysis, will become impossible.

“We will have to forget about implants. This also applies to cosmetic surgery and heart valve surgery. Childbirth will become as dangerous, as a hundred years ago, when five of a thousand pregnant women died.”

My Comment: The problem is food: the development of new varieties, processing plants, and raising meat with antibiotics. We get a huge amount of food with harmful substances together. Objections are usually limited to the notion that this is better than starvation. But if we had changed ourselves to a mutual caring attitude, then we would have distributed good correctly, and we would not have to grow plant and animal food with pesticides, antibiotics, etc.

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