Balance Means Health

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is balance between the force of receiving and the force of bestowal?

Answer: We see this balance within our body and in different systems that exist in nature. It determines our health, the balance of climatic conditions, and social and economic systems.

Balance means health. However, it is possible on all levels: On the inanimate level, it provides us with calmness; on the vegetative and the animate levels, it provides us with health. Balance is always dynamic, from small to large. It is necessary to always see the levels.

For example, in the development of an apple, it goes from a small balance to ever-greater balance, until it ripens completely. However, on all of the previous levels, the apple was in some kind of partial balance. When the deficiency relative to the next state was revealed, it developed more and more. This is how the process of development works.

Therefore, we need to see what we can do now in order to bring ourselves into balance if today the current state of humanity is like spoiled fruit.

What force are we missing for balance? We see that it is necessary to add the force of bestowal to the force of our egoism. If we balance these two forces, we will live in peace, in good health, in a harmonious family, and in a good world. This is the only thing that we are missing.

It is only possible to arrive at the force of bestowal through a correct environment that teaches everyone how to reach it. It will help him personally in his private life, as well as in the society, and then all of humanity and our entire civilization.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” Episode 12, 1/10/12

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