The Internal And External Side Of Dissemination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Have I understood correctly that there is an external side of our dissemination and explanation which may seem purely materialistic. But inside it, it is necessary to pass a pipe through which the Upper Light streams and gives the feeling that within it there is some kind of unique force?

Answer: This is correct, and it is not even necessary to be ashamed and hide this! We do not come to educate people and play social games with them. It is known to us how to arrange our lives and this ability is derived from understanding nature. We have learned how to utilize the constructive power that is discovered within the connection between people.

We know how to build this link between people so that within it the constructive power will correct and change everything. And these are not just words, rather it is up to you to radiate Light from yourself, like Moses who came down from Mount Sinai with the tablets of the covenant in his hands, a power that is ready to change and correct everything. People must feel this in you.

Others may utter similar words, yet within their words there won’t be any inner, emotional filling that determines everything. And these are not just emotions; rather this is Light that must act. The Light influences people during your explanations and it will also correct them and connect them to it so that at the time of your work with their deficiencies you will find the Creator, the Light, within the group, really this entire chain.

Therefore when you go out to disseminate, on the one hand you must explain with words, which is to say, to act on a material, earthly level, but first of all it is up to you to be entirely centered on the inner content to convey the Light to people and to awaken the emotion in them. If this is not found, then there is no reason to go out.

Otherwise you only destroy. The Light that had to come together with your explanations and didn’t come because of your lack of inner effort will be revealed from its “back side” and will awaken contempt and shattering in regard to you. For through the recognition of evil, by way of long suffering, at some stage, not soon, you will ultimately reach the right realization.

The inner efforts that attract the Light are the Arvut (mutual guarantee). So that the Torah will be revealed among us, there must be Arvut between us, mutual concern, mutual connection, general equality, in which all the friends are like one person with one body. This is first of all! The moment that this happens, we go out to disseminate and then we can expect success.

You must act only to the degree of your preparation. And then you will turn to the public together with the Light that you hold within your proper Kli. In your correct connection with the group, the spiritual Light is discovered, not yet discovered completely, but like Ohr Makif that is already found in you.

Together with it you can already turn to people, so that this will be the action of the Light and not just words with the help of which you cannot convince anyone today. The words are not really important; the main thing is that you radiate the Light. It is known that Moses was “tongue-tied” and this did not hinder him from being the leader of the people. Rather people must feel that there is some kind of Light in you and it is up to them to want it also.

This is possible only on condition that you are connected with all of the friends and you live a life of Arvut, or at least with a yearning for Arvut, which is the most important thing for you. First of all you examine and construct this condition and essentially, this is specifically what you are going out to disseminate. No matter how you say it, the external form depends upon the person to whom you are turning. But the main thing is the Upper Light which acts and burns within you and people feel this. For within them there exists a deficiency, are desperate for fulfillment and specifically wants this Light.

We are not linked to each other with words, but only with the help of the Light that exists in each one of us for the sake of all. Thanks to this our desires are linked. And if there is Light in you that someone else requires, then he will adhere to you. He will only be waiting for when you will communicate with him again.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/1/13, Shamati #38 “The Fear of God Is His Treasure”

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  1. Thank you, I felt what you wrote but comprehension in the written is not my strong point….To paraphrase, I think it is an act from within, there go I therefore I will be one with the other? I will walk a mile in your shoes, empathy? There is no I only you therefore we are one in mind, Or am I missing the point of dissemination? I read I feel what you wrote yet I cannot comprehend it. Hmmm I climbed up the mountain and went back down to help you up the hill? Just an analogy. Is this an example of dissemination or am I far away from comprehension?
    I’ve re read this so many times my head hurts and yet I still get lost trying to understand if I understand ?
    what part in the brain resonates dissonance, that’s where I’m at right now? Is this because of physical deficiency or unconscious ego, or a five year old trying to understand calculus?

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