One Needs To Target The Goal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should we deal with the lack of faith in the revelation of the Creator that is caused by many failed attempts?

Answer: We have many attempts ahead of us, and I don’t promise that they will be successful.

But why do you think that they were not beneficial? From failed attempts you accumulate the required potential of despair of your own power and at the same time bitterness that you must achieve the goal, but you can’t, and therefore you turn to the Creator. It is impossible to turn to Him until you are sure that it is within your ability to commit Him to do something, if you would want, would demand, and would shout out.

We progress in the spiritual world in two mutually contradictory directions that mutually reject each other: One of the lines is complete perfection (the attribute of the Light), and the second line is the lack of complete perfection (the attribute of the desire, the vessel), and they need to be compatible.

That is our inner problem, an internal split. We exist between two states: one state is, “If the Creator doesn’t help me, then who will,” and the other state, “If not me for myself, then who?”

Our failed attempts are not just failures but are accumulated conditions of the necessary and correct rise to the Creator, i.e., when you feel that on one hand, He doesn’t help you without your having to cry to Him, and on the other hand, only He can help you if you shout to Him. The third point is that your cry to Him depends on if He will direct you to Him. And the fourth point is that no matter how much He directs you, in any case, it depends only on you.

It is such an internal conflict that splits us, like in sites, when two crosses diverge, one here and the other there, and you can’t succeed in any way to bring them together. There is only one way to align them, if you look ahead, not at them, but at the Creator, seeking Him for the sake of bestowal, and then they merge. Here we need the third component.

It is said: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” When you merge the three components, then you reach the goal.

And how is it possible to long for the Creator, if you don’t see Him? How can you correctly aim yourself if you only have two sites and the third, the goal, which you need to correctly target, is unseen. Where do you aim yourself? The answer is to the group. It is facing you. As you completely direct yourself to the group, to bestowal, to adhesion with it, incorporation with it, you aim exactly at the Creator.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/22/13

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