Tapping Into Hidden Resources

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can we do if everyone in the group agrees with the importance of dissemination, but no one does anything?

Answer: Dissemination is necessary not for those to whom you disseminate, but so that they give you an additional Kli, vessel, additional suffering, and an additional opportunity to unite. If you begin to disseminate, you start feeling the pain of people you go out to, their terrible state, even if they live behind a metal door in a lovely apartment with all the amenities, and there is a limousine by their house.

After all, when you talk to them, you feel their emptiness. And if you dig deeper, you will find that they themselves feel it, only they hide it from themselves; nothing is okay for them, the whole world is not nice. You must empathize with their suffering in the absence of food, family, normal life, shelter, work, and interaction with other people, some warmth, health, and proper child education: everything that people lack in a normal human life.

If you feel this, and you are sure to feel this no matter how selfish you are, this will start to affect you and will force to unite with each other. And when you promise them that you can bring them out of this state by means of joint participation in workshops, meetings, common activities, and begin to organize this in practice, you will begin to really implement what Kabbalah says, for yourself and for them.

How else will you be able to reveal the Creator, if you do not organize practical training? Everyone who studied at a college, a university, and knows that practical training is crucial. What is the purpose of you listening to the lectures all the time? This is only confuses your mind, blocks you, and does not go anywhere, either in the feelings, or practical thoughts that are already becoming yours. If you do not go out to the masses, you will fade.

At all times, bloodletting was considered the most effective treatment, not infusions, but bloodletting. This triggers the work of the entire body. You have to go outside! You must disseminate! Letting the theory flow out, like bloodletting, you engage those hidden resources that do not work in you yet. Now, you are full of theory; there is nothing in your hands. That’s a pity.
From a Talk About the Dissemination 10/17/13

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