What Unites Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our group has split into two parts: Those who engage in integral education and those who don’t want to engage in it and think that we should just sit together and unite; what is the problem?

Answer: I wouldn’t force those who don’t want to engage in integral education to go out and disseminate; let them engage in other types of work in the group; after all, there are plenty of other things with which they can engage. Gradually they will understand that without integral education, without going out to the 99% of humanity, they will not feel the need for the Creator.

When you go out to disseminate you begin to feel: “How can I explain this to people? How can I convey this feeling to them? How can I summon the understanding in them? I cannot do anything by myself. Where can I find the power to convince them?” So you feel that you need the Creator’s help.

It is for your sake that you were given the integral work with the public, so you will feel that you need Him. This work is not meant for them but for you.

Those who don’t engage in integral education will not feel the need for the Creator. Why do they exist? They will remain in the group; however, they will see how enthusiastic you are and realize that they have to do something.

You will really unite and feel the need to succeed in your work with the 99%. They will not feel that. What will push them to unite and for what? The public will demand the force of unity from you. You will tremble and feel scared, unpleasant, and unclear, and so you will undoubtedly need the Creator and will benefit compared to those who don’t engage in integral education.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 3

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