100% Participation In Dissemination

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Out of the 60 men in our group, only 15 go out to meet the public to disseminate integral education. How can we harness others to this mission?

Answer: If only 15 men out of 60 go out to meet the public, what do the others do? Is it too hard for them to carry a bag, a pointer, a board or anything of the kind and to participate in the dissemination in some way?!

I am serious! We have to participate somehow since it is necessary for us, I understand that 15 people is quite a lot. If 25% of the group goes out to the public it is great!

But others should also participate and even help passively. They can collect questions, help the others, make contact and answer questions about organizational matters. Eventually a greater desire will be spurred in them. What’s important is that they participate and feel the general collective power.

What does it mean to go out to the people? We have to feel what they need and connect to their desires, connect their small desires and absorb them. Therefore I say “make his desire your desire.” This is called “love thy friend as thyself.” When you begin to absorb their desires, you will begin to feel that you have to satisfy them just like a child’s desires. Then you get a totally different feeling regarding the group, the teacher, and the Creator and you begin to demand from them.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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