The Ocean Behind The Door

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In fact, we need only to correct our egoism that prevents connection. Then, why do we develop the entire methodology of integral education? What else can we talk about besides separation and unity?

Answer: Indeed, nothing else exists. However, when you begin to go deeper, when you enter, it is found that there lies the entire higher wisdom. It is inherent in the desire to receive and in the desire to bestow.

After all, all our actions converge in this dualism. There is only the “plus” and the “minus,” two opposing forces. However, look at what they produce by interacting with each other in this world: all the sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, zoology, astronomy, medicine, psychology, and so forth. Everything is built on the interaction of two opposites, the entire world, the universe with its set of laws and myriad details.

In spirituality, we add to this the screen and the Reflected Light. The response from the minus, the material that wants to be like the plus—that is, the Light—and then something absolutely new emerges. It is not just the relationship between the plus and minus, but their relationship between each other. The minus begins to relate to the plus completely differently. It rises above itself, its knowledge, its mind, and acts opposite to its own nature in the likeness of the plus. The created being learns from the Creator what to do, and it does this.

Much more complex laws are manifested here, which we study. This is great, truly boundless wisdom. It grows seemingly from nothing, from two opposites, one of which only wants to be like the other. It would seem, let it become like the other. However, you open the door slightly, and, behind it, you will discover the ocean without end.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/2/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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