The Power Of Women And Men: A Condition For Spiritual Ascent

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe study the role of men and women based on the system of spiritual worlds because examples can only be drawn from there, and not our world.

There are a million theories in our world, and we see that even today we still do not know the proper role of men and women; therefore, our world is so imperfect.

In the spiritual world, there is the quality of Bina, bestowal, and we must become equal to this quality. To do this, we must unite in such an integral way to be able to connect with Zeir Anpin, and then he will raise us to Bina.

This is a very complicated system with many different elements. It controls us; it emits all the signals to the souls; it launches us, and in our turn, we ascend toward it.

According to this system, there are two forces in the world: feminine and masculine. It is impossible to ascend just through one of them. Only the proper use of both of them creates the necessary conditions sufficient for ascent.

The feminine inclination forms an enormous desire. But this desire cannot be realized independently since it is just a desire, which does not have the power to realize itself.

And next to that is the next force, the masculine force.

A woman provides the need to ascend. It pushes the masculine part. It creates an enormous desire out of itself, inspires, directs, prays, and forms. It pushes men forward, like a mother sends her children to school and her husband to work. She creates the efforts, which enable them to advance, otherwise they would not have moved. Due to these efforts, the masculine part takes the feminine desire, begins to realize it, and ascends forward.

The woman is the lack of fulfillment, an enormous desire, without which nothing can exist. And the man is the force, which already turns this lack into the moving force and attains the Creator. He attains the Creator with the help of the desire he has received from the feminine part; he raises this desire, and together, they realize it.

This is the way things initially were in our world: Once a man went hunting and brought his prey home, and today he goes to work and brings home a salary. This is the way the family exists; this is the way the world is.

In our group we cannot break these natural conditions, otherwise we will not correspond to the higher structure. We must constantly be like the upper Partzuf.

Therefore, we need the women’s desire, their enormous effort, their prayer from the depth of their hearts. Women can influence men with their silent desire in such a way that men will feel like the women are screaming at them, even though in reality, they don’t say a word, but simply want.

Men have the ability to perceive the desire of a woman in such a way that he will want to realize it. He must realize it; this is the way we are made. If we will direct our common desires the right way, we will absolutely reach our goal.

It is impossible to move forward without women. They start this movement; they are the first to react to the changes in the world, to our method. And men must connect between them and realize this method. Why? Because the power that pulls us forward is the power to bestow. Women need to provide the lack and the need, and men, the creation of the power to bestow.

We build our groups based on this principle.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/23/12, Lesson 2

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  1. Amen, both are equally important and should be recognized as such at all the conventions. Video of the women coming together and hugging, not just the men, will bring the whole world together. 🙂 Afterall we are the world kli.
    Love to all.

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