The Creator Is Known By His Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists begin telling us about creation by saying that “before the creatures were created, the simple upper Light filled the whole existence” (beginning words of the ARI’s book, The Tree of Life). In other words, reality had already existed, which is the desire of the creature to feel pleasure that was filled with Light.

The plan of creation is to delight the created beings. And this gift that the Creator wishes to bestow can be accepted only by having met two conditions: the creature must become like the Creator and at the same be independent of Him.

The best state of existence is feeling the presence of the Creator. It is the greatest delight, and it must be felt regardless of anyone else. The created being must be completely autonomous and equal to the Creator.

Therefore, the upper force is concealed. At this moment we are surrounded by various radio waves, yet the only person aware of them is the one possessing a radio capable of receiving something that can be recreated within, in one’s properties. We are surrounded by white light, but we perceive it as blue, red, and all other colors. While the light itself has no color, the color is created by the one receiving it, absorbing only certain waves through one’s own prism.

Hence, light seems to us as yellow, blue, and red. Actually the reason for this is the glass which stops and reflects these waves that thereby seem as colors. But there are no shades in the light itself.

And in the same way we perceive the Creator. To the degree that we can equalize ourselves with Him, His property of bestowal, in each of our 613 desires, in that very desire and degree, we will perceive the Creator. So we gradually get to know Him in small portions.

In man, there are always 613 desires acting, which are the foundation of our perception. Yet, we can strengthen the power of this spiritual vessel, having risen on the 125 steps of equivalence to the Creator, until all of our 613 desires have become completely identical to Him. Thus we attain the Creator, and this is regarded as “know Him by His actions.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, Writings of Rabash

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