The Double Meaning Of The Term “Ego”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I want to compliment the people of Scandinavia. They stand out in their ability to listen to one another in the group. If someone begins to speak, everyone listens to him, perceiving what he says and picking up each comment one by one. Then they move on to the next speaker. They have a remarkable ability to understand one another!

Answer: Every nation has its own positive and negative attributes. In fact they are not positive or negative. If we connect into one system, we are like a puzzle and we suddenly feel that each one finds his place without having to change. There is no need to pressure yourself! There is absolutely no need to cut off certain “tails” or sharp ends off yourselves.

We have to make efforts that are aimed only at connection and uniting among us. Then we will see that all the evil in me and all the evil or the good in others suddenly comes together complementing one another and making a wonderful picture. The correction is not in the fact that we have to correct each of us or to correct nations or civilizations but only in our connection between us, just the way we are.

In fact, the ego is not what exists in each of us but is what doesn’t allow us to connect.

Suppose we are not egoists but when we try to connect between us we begin to feel opposite forces that make us feel repulsed by one another. These forces which operate in contrast to our connection are called ego.

But if we don’t try to connect and don’t include these attracting forces in us, we don’t have a spiritual ego and what is revealed among us is the ordinary corporeal ego. All my corporeal desires for food, sex, a family, money, respect, and knowledge are all parts of my corporeal ego with little correlation to other people in particular.

The real ego that requires correction is the anti-social ego. Only when we yearn for one another are the forces that are against the connection revealed.

An ordinary person has no ego, he wants to be richer than others or stronger than others, so what? There is no need to correct such desires; they help us advance; they have to remain constant. We only have to correct the spiritual ego in order to establish our connection above it.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 3

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