How Not To Fall Under The Influence Of Ordinary People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I work with other people if they are all egoists? After all, I will fall under the influence of their ego and will ultimately damage myself instead of correcting them.

Answer: There cannot be something like this because I am found on a higher level than those to whom I disseminate. They have a very small ego and I have an ego that is ten times larger than theirs. They don’t know anything about the structure of the world, whereas I know. They don’t understand what manages them, what their nature is, what is happening in the world, what the reason for the crisis is, whereas I understand. I am higher; I can explain everything to them, and I can never fall under their influence.

I have not seen, for example, that a 40-year-old teacher will fall under the influence of 10-year-old children because these are different levels. If you are found on the same level in which the rest of humanity is found, you don’t have any reason to go to them, you will immediately fall under their influence and without a doubt they will damage you, will transform you into being inferior to what you are now because your contact with them takes place on the same level. I am speaking about this from my own practical experience and from what I know about life. Try to practice this and you will see.

But first you need to change yourself, to become another! First you need to arrange the connection with the group; you must have support and understanding why you are going forward.

It cannot be that our people would fall under the influence of an ordinary person who sits at home and suffers. How can he attract me to him? What can he offer to me from his life? Do I want to live like him? If I am ready, if I am found on a level higher than he is, then he cannot influence me in any way because he is small relative to me! I want to help him. At the start I look at him from above to below, not with contempt, but rather as a small child who requires help.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 3

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