The Same Method But A Different Approach

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The method of the integral education is one of the ways to convey the wisdom of Kabbalah. However, most people who study the wisdom of Kabbalah don’t understand how it is related to the wisdom. For them the two exist separately: the inner work and the method of the integral education.

Answer: But don’t we engage in the method of the integral education between us? After all, in order to reveal the upper world we fulfill it on ourselves, we hold workshops, conventions, friends’ meetings, we hug and dance together, study the articles of Rabash about the society and about the work in the group.

We do the same thing, but for us there is an additional part that unifies our connection, the general connection to the system that is called the “Ten Sefirot” or a “soul.” There is a certain hierarchy in this system of the forces that influence us. How can we activate them? By connection.

Ordinary people will simply fulfill the integral method, and while they do that they will correct themselves and all of nature not knowing how it works.

We (like a brain) also have to understand the principle of the connection and to actively participate in this system, trying to organize one network among us, to minimize ourselves, to accept the group as higher than we are, to support one another and to be in mutual guarantee.

We fulfill everything that Rabash says in his articles in the relations between us, but beyond that we also study how this structure is created among us.

Suppose we are ten people sitting here, and there are “Ten Sefirot,” the connection among us. We study how they begin to work among us and how we work on them mutually, how to act exactly, what is going on right now, how to rise from the “circles,” Zeir Anpin, Aba and Ima, Arich Anpin, Atzilut, etc. that spread from us into the actual center, to the state of whole connection.

They are all in the network between us and we study about all of them when we study TES. There is nothing but these “Ten Sefirot.” Even now we feel them, on a minimal level that is called “our world.” The moment we begin to connect we will begin to feel the upper state of the connection and there in the connection between us the force that determines and that sustains everything is revealed—the Creator.

So I don’t see any difference between the spiritual method and the method of the integral education. We are simply like computer experts for example: We know the software and understand what its mechanical parts are.

When you call your mother, for example, you press the cell phone button and your mom receives the call and tells you something in response. After all, you don’t know what is happening inside: Everything is coded in pulses and the pulses are transferred to another place where you mom deciphers them (although she is not aware of them herself).

So we, the experts who know this whole system, know how to get people used to it, how to teach them to use this instrument as all of humanity. After all, 99% of the people don’t know anything; they live automatically.

In order to rise to a good normal level of life today we need to start raising all the 99% of humanity. This is what we have to do. So like experts we study everything thoroughly and then bring people to courses and explain to them how to use this instrument, which means this world, so that the changes in it will take place in a good way.

So there is no difference between the wisdom of Kabbalah and integral education except for those who aspire to attaining the system and who actively participate in it and reach the wisdom of Kabbalah. Those who will follow them will use it simply through workshops. They will gradually understand as things will be explained to them to what extent it influences them for the better and also the whole world, their families, their profits, the prices in the stores, etc. They will use it like all the other people.

An ordinary person earns money and then buys food and then rests at home in order to go out again to earn his living, to buy food and to rest… It is the same here, he doesn’t know the mechanism of the system, he knows the limited angle that we have to present to him.
From the Virtual Lesson 4/7/13

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