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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I want to ask in regard to your blog post “The Israeli Nation In The Modern World” posted on December 6, 2012 at 12:23 pm. What is the root of your negative attitude towards American Jews? After everything Jews have gone through, you say we cannot even call these people Jewish? Despite the fact that almost all Jews living in the US came from Europe and their grandparents suffered in the Holocaust, yet you say they cannot be called Jewish?

On the one hand, Kabbalah does not blame a person for his desires, yet somehow American Jews are to blame for not living in Israel, or not being focused enough on Israel? Keep in mind, the majority of American Jews have never even been to Israel and don’t know nothing about it because their ancestors as emigrated from Europe to the US before the State of Israel was established. Are you only a Jew if you live in Israel? Why don’t you mention of Russian Jews, or French Jews, or anything else, only American Jews.

What do you see as the duty of American Jews from the spiritual point of view? What must they do to not receive such an attitude from you? Must they all move to Israel and then they will be Jews in your eyes? Please give some insight to all this. This is one of many times you have expressed such an attitude toward American Jews. At least in my eyes, as a Jew from America (whatever my opinion is worth), these comments have been hurtful, frustrating, and made without any explanation whatsoever. Thank you.

Answer: Kabbalah does not blame, but points to a person’s mission in this world. And importantly, the mission of the Jews is to correct the world; the mission has not been canceled. And the fact that the majority of Jews do not know about it, it is the task of Kabbalah to give them this knowledge.

After all, a phrase that lawyers are so fond of, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse for breaking it,” is true, as it is also true with respect to the laws of nature. And the mission of the Jewish people in this world is the law of nature.

The roots of the attitude toward the American Jews is that living in the most egoistic country of our world, they actively promote conservation, ossification of the egoism of this type, and precisely in our time, when persistent support of the egoistic basis of relationships between people leads the entire world toward death.

That is why, despite the fact that the majority of Jews do not live in the land of Israel, because of the key role of the US in the system of the egoistic relationships in our world, namely the American Jews are reproached.

As it is known, in the system that is in a transitional phase of development, like now with human civilization, the range of actions is sharply reduced and clearly indicates the place of the application of forces in order to bring the system to the next, sustainable, better state with minimal losses. This requires very little effort to be applied in the right direction.

That is why the spiritual duty of American Jews is to get acquainted with the method of integral education and upbringing, to understand its meaning quickly and correctly. You have to keep in direct contact with us to clarify and verify the meaning, content, and purpose of the method, and implement it in your life and of the society you live in.

Let’s face it. The American Jews have recently become active opponents of Israel as they want to gain legitimacy and approval of anti-Semites. They become more active in this than non-Jews. They want to hide from their origin in every possible way.

I grew up in a hostile environment and know how it goes. I also understand them when they justify their opposition to Zionism in every way. What they had just 20-30 years ago has gone. Today, they are no longer the descendants of Holocaust survivors; they are the people who want to erase it from history. If I were in their place, I would have become like them.

I do not blame them, do not call upon them to come to Israel; I just wish for them to know about their purpose and predetermined mission and destiny, which they cannot escape. They must unite according to the laws of nature, in the property of bestowal, mutual guarantee, and to set an example to other American nations, not to be absorbed as the German Jews wanted to at one time, but on the contrary, to unite and be an example, the light for the nations in the exit from the crisis.

Anyone who decides to move to Israel should know that simply moving his body and possessions here will change little. If you come to live in Israel, bring here the demand to change to the people of this state, to unite and realize the words of the prophets. Require them to change the basis of their lives because Israelites listen to the opinion of “America”; teach them that.

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  1. “I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you” (Jonah 1:12).

    We must prove Nietzsche wrong:

    To whom we owe the noblest human being [Jesus], the purest philosopher [Spinoza], the mightiest book [the Bible], and the most effective moral code in the world… Every nation, every man has disagreeable, even dangerous characteristics; it is cruel to demand that the Jew should be an exception… the youthful Jew of the stock exchange is the most repugnant invention of the whole human race (Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human, 1878).

  2. “Let’s face it. The American Jews have recently become active opponents of Israel as they want to gain legitimacy and approval of anti-Semites. They become more active in this than non-Jews. They want to hide from their origin in every possible way….Today, they are no longer the descendants of Holocaust survivors; they are the people who want to erase it from history.”
    – M. Laitman (2013, April 15)Again About American Jews. [link to]

    This information is completely false!

    Steven Spielberg, a Jewish American, considered by many to be a political liberal/progressive, established the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation in 1994 to gather video testimonies from survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust. The foundation holds nearly 52,000 video testimonies in 32 languages, representing 56 countries; it is the largest archive of its kind in the world. Today it is a part of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute that also provides teacher’s training and resources, which I have personally used as a reform synagogue religious schoolteacher to educate Jewish American middle-school students about the Holocaust.

    I am deeply saddened and disappointed that anyone would teach this hate for American Jews. Even more so that this hate is posted in the week following Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), on Israel Independence Day, and a day when the U.S. Jewish community is standing vigilant following the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon.

    I sincerely hope that everyone reading will give due diligence to any information contained therein. I testify by my life as a Jewish American that the information referenced in the above post is wholly untrue.

  3. First of all who is a jew! Its spirtual or its genetic or its both? Dr laitman contradict himself a lot. Sometimes he argue everybody is jewish .so now he generalize american jews together! What if they dont practise are they still be jewish because of their bernie maddof jewish?? I would say not or bill maher .

  4. Jean Paul Sartre commented in his book, “Anti-Semite and Jew”, that Europeans were criticizing Jews when and where Jews behaved like everybody else; somehow acting and behaving like everybody was supposed to make Jews hypocrites. What it really meant was that Europeans had established certain prerogatives for themselves which they did not feel Jews had any right to share. That said, I do believe that certain prominent Jews, given that some have risen to lofty heights, and have wealth, power, prestige and the means and ability to influence a great many others, should do what they can and all that they can to educate the population of the USA about the evil inherent in scapegoating others, not just Jews, but anyone anywhere in the world. It should be portrayed for the evil that it is, not the time bound evil which brought about the Holocaust, but the everyday evil which occurs somewhere or other every hour of the day.

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