Becoming The Light For The Nations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can the system of relationships that currently exists among the people of Israel prevent the entire world from liberating from egoism?

Answer: By all means it is so. If we are not connected to each other, we cause malevolence not only to ourselves, but to the entire world.

The general process impacts us the same way as it does the rest of the world, but our task is to react to it differently. There is no sense in waiting for the entire world’s reaction since all they have is a desire to receive, whereas we also have a spark of bestowal. This explains why our reactions have to be correct and thoughtful. Our mission is to unite and become “the Light for the nations,” a “Kingdom of Priests.”

The lack of unity among Jews in the land of Israel influences not only the Jewish Diaspora, but the entire world that hates us and despises the State of Israel. Today we see that it’s not anti-Semitism that is popular, but “anti-Israel.”  It’s not an accident, since Israel is a very special place where we have to unite, but we don’t do that. If we start taking care of the relationships among us, we will eliminate all hindrances and will see that the rest of the world happily follows us. The nations of the world don’t have such a level of egoism as we do. So, if we apply enough efforts, they will join us on our path.

Moreover, Jews who live abroad will also relate to us appropriately. Today, they hate Israel. A majority of them vote against Israel. They would be happy if this state never existed. That’s what official surveys reflect. We can do nothing about it. It’s triggered by our non-performance in pursuing our mission. Nobody wants us the way we are now. We are egoists, protectionists, literally a “splinter” in the body of the world. All world problems are connected with Israel. Nobody notices our achievements; on the contrary, our accomplishments only irritate them. We have to bring a methodology of correction to the world rather than teach them how to use egoism in a better and more successful way.

Question: The nations of the world don’t realize what the Israeli mission is, do they?

Answer: Subconsciously they do. Why do they say that we are the reason for the overall evil? It’s because they feel that they depend on us. This sensation is not accidental. When Arab leaders claim that Jews are the cause of the world’s wickedness, they really feel it. It’s not just politics, but rather the voice of their hearts, their internal sensation. Jews in various countries realize that contemporary Israel doesn’t contribute much to this world. That’s why today there is a tendency to abolish Israel.

Unfortunately, nobody in Israel listens to the world’s predispositions. We behave as if we don’t care; we continue doing business, making money, raising our wellbeing, arguing in the Parliament…

We live as if nothing is going on. That’s why we can’t exclude a chance that very soon we will be overwhelmed with new immense troubles. External forces that come both from Jews and from the nations of the world might seed a disagreement among the people of Israel which will cause riots and protests, a new round of an “Israeli spring.”

It means that the experiment to create a State of Israel was not a success; how long can the world tolerate it? Why currently are all Jews in the world against Israel? If at this time, on the eve of Passover we won’t unite, then in 2-3 months we will end up in a very dangerous situation. Let’s hope that we will find correct words to address the people of Israel and that they will understand us.

Our salvation is in unity and in spreading unity to the entire world. We have to tell the world openly what our mission is and that unity is exactly what the nations of the world are entitled to receive from us. Then, they will understand how much they need us. Our previous internal relationships only caused them troubles; at this time, let our unity bring everybody benevolence. People will understand and feel it. If we change, then our internal state will change too; otherwise, we won’t live up to a good future.

Question: What can we do on the eve of Passover to halt this negative development?

Answer: Aspire to exit from Egypt, meaning to rise above the hatred, disagreement, and separation among us for the sake of unity. The entire nation, which is now split into multiple groups and parties, as well as each particular individual have to realize that it’s our unity that will define our future, nothing but that!
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists write: Exodus from Egypt.” 3/4/13

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