Removing The Screen Of Satiation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are periods when everything progresses in an excellent manner: at work, in life, in the group. But nonetheless, one must constantly yearn for the next level. What can be done with this feeling of satiation, with our feeling of being satisfied all the time?

Answer: That’s a problem. The feeling of satiation from this world closes the upper world for you. The “Bourgeois life” is killing you so much that you don’t feel any need for it. Only the group can develop the feeling of the lack of value from this existence in you. You need to get this from the group.

You need to discuss the upper world: What it is, the attainment of it, the feeling of the upper reality, how much broader and richer it is compared to our world, as it opens the meaning of life for you. You also need to discuss your corporeal existence, which will one day end, since all of us exist in a body that has a life of its own.

Generally, a person needs to think about this and stimulate himself in every way possible, to pull himself out of the static state. The group exists for this reason. Thus you need external influence. Come and visit us.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/23/13, Lesson 5

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