The Power Of Good Thought Is Breaking Into The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do our thoughts have real power?

Answer: Of course thoughts have power; it isn’t by chance that there are concepts like the “evil eye” and “good eye.” Our mind power is the most powerful force, even stronger than a nuclear explosion. It’s concealed in the greatest depths, among the forces between the atoms. Mind power is the last level before the spiritual force.

But thoughts become powerful only if they connect, if each of us thinks alone, he does influence the system a bit but only on the corporeal level. However, if we begin to connect in order to reveal the power of general bestowal, we revive and renew; it’s as if we ignite and operate the whole spiritual network of connections among us. Then we discover the Creator within it.

We don’t have to have great mind power, the main thing is the quality of our thought so that it will be correct and help us reveal the force of mutual bestowal among us, which means the Creator. When the Creator is revealed the true intensity is revealed. This is already all the Light of NRNHY and not our small world.

We connect and want to be under the influence of the Creator so that He will reside among us and manage us so that we will be in harmony with Him in synchronized actions. Just as the Creator is a constant state of bestowal, so do we want to constantly be in a state of bestowal, then we revive the general network, and to the extent that we are incorporated in it and connected among us, the Creator is revealed.

It’s an immense power compared to which all the corporeal forces are worthless. All the corporeal world begins to revolve according to this internal power of humanity, everything changes starting from our slightest connection, and the main thing is that the connection is right.

We see that in the past year the term “Arvut – mutual guarantee” has become very popular, it’s because when we gather as a group and connect in thoughts and actions, this mind power breaks into the world. If this term expresses a spiritual action, it influences the whole global network and is accepted by everyone.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/12, Writings of Rabash

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