What Should I Entice Myself With?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we speak only about the feeling of deficiency? Why do we forget what is expected at the end of the process, about the benefits we will reap?

Answer: In other words: “What will I get from all this?”

Actually, this is also true: We have to increase the importance of bestowal in our eyes. It is called “Lo Lishma” (for oneself). Because on one hand, I want to reach the goal, absolute bestowal, in which my “self” will dissolve leaving no traces, and on the other hand, where can I get fuel for that? How can I make even one step towards that which simply annuls me?

Therefore, we should nevertheless imagine something related to receiving. We cannot advance without it. So lie to yourself, but as if to a third party, as if you are lying to someone else. “Yes, I am advancing towards selfless bestowal, I will have nothing, I don’t need anything, I only want to be incorporated in others, to love others without any consideration of myself, without any benefit for myself…. But on the other hand, I will feel wonderful, I will attain the spiritual world, eternity, and perfection.”

Lie to yourself so as not to remain powerless. And it isn’t really a lie because the Creator is good and benevolent and the goal of creation is pleasure. But it is pleasure in such desires that do not seem attractive at all today.

Besides, as Baal HaSulam says, we should keep the balance between the force of reception and the force of bestowal. I should give as much as I receive. By doing so I bring all of nature to balance and this balance is the healthiest state. It is about our health, about the ecology, as well as about human society and family life. Instead of getting divorced, people will live together in peace and raise children. A person will rise above his short life and will see the whole infinite process, the great path, part of which he is travelling now.

When you reach balance with nature, your eyes open and you see everything. So start balancing yourself now, look for the balance between reception and bestowal with yourself, with the friends, with the family, and with the world. This is because you are discovering one of the 125 degrees, the lowest degree, the zero level.

All our history, all our evolution, brings us to the state in which the imbalance is revealed openly. Everything may be expected in the future: plagues, wars, and so on. It is all meant to show you how imbalanced you are. Many scientists are already talking about the need for balance (homeostasis).

So balance yourself in the present state, and you will rise to the next degree. There again you will have to balance things. Eventually you will see that all this is one complex, nature, the Creator, one force. Then it will be easier to reach balance with it. This is all our work.

So whoever wants to be healthy, satisfied, and happy should establish balance.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/10/2012, “The Peace”

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