Humankind Has Managed To Change The Climate

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from LiveScience): “If the sheet of ice covering Greenland were to completely melt, such destruction of 720,000 cubic miles (3 million cubic kilometers) of ice would raise global sea levels by 24 feet (7.3 meters). In summer 2012, Greenland saw an extraordinarily large amount of melting across nearly its entire ice sheet. In fact, it was the largest ice melt seen in Greenland since scientists began tracking melt rates there in 1979.”

My Comment: The problem is that we have no sense of responsibility and necessity. Our nearsightedness affects us. We love children but cannot look sensibly at the future that we are preparing for them. This is what is said in The Book of Zohar about our generation: “Today, we will eat and drink, and tomorrow – even death!” The force of unity is above the nature of our world, and if we begin to apply it to the general balance of the system, we will immediately find restoration of everything “broken, ruined, and crooked.”

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