The Nations Of The World Are Telling The Jews: “Do Your Job!”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Jewish nation has always excelled in its achievements. The problem is that this potential should have been directed at bestowal upon the Creator, at spiritual revelation, at self-correction and the correction of the whole world. Instead of doing that, this nation uses its potential in order to receive.

For example, 20% of Nobel Prize winners are Jews, while this nation is less than 1% of the world’s population. In other words, they have certain natural attributes. But the truth is they didn’t receive these attributes thanks to their brains, but thanks to the attribute of bestowal that is in them. Once, in previous generations, the Jews used this attribute correctly, but today they are using it for different purposes: for science, industry commerce, theft. No matter what this potential is used for, it is still about the force of bestowal that is being used in desires to receive, and in the end this is harmful.

So the nations of the world say:  “This isn’t what we need from you.”

“How can that be? We have done so many useful things!”

“It doesn’t matter; we don’t need this from you. So what if you are so clever?”

The Israeli nation has to free the force of bestowal from all the current occupations and focus it on totally different things.

The nations of the world say: “By your actions you are causing us harm.”

“And this is after all our small nation has done for the world?”

“You are the cause of the evil in the world, you are bringing us troubles.”

And everyone agrees to that.

“But there were good things too!”

No, they don’t mention the good things because they know that there is nothing good here, the best example is the situation in the Gaza Strip.

“Look!” Israel is crying out, “even in wartime we supplied electricity, we transported food products and humanitarian supplies, we provided them with all the basic necessities, including cement, which they use for terrorist purposes, and we endanger our soldiers just to protect their civilian population…”

One may ask what kind of a war is this? How can this be? But everyone strongly demanded that Israel stop the bloodshed. Does this make sense? Perfectly. Unless the Israeli nation fulfills the correction it has to fulfill, it doesn’t matter what they do, they do it in vessels of receiving, and by that bring about harm to themselves and to the whole world.

It’s time to study the response of the nations of the world and to learn a lesson from it. No demand for objectivity will help here, no matter how friendly the Jews try to be, the nations of the world have opposite feelings.

“But we agreed to your demands!”

“You caused harm.”

“We conceded!”

“You caused harm.”

Thus the nations of the world teach the Jews what is good and what is bad. This is called “help against.” This is Pharaoh, or in other words, the force of the Creator that influences the Israeli nation through its posterior. Eventually this nation has to deal with the Creator Himself. In fact, it is He who speaks for the nations of the world. They are His messengers and He is telling the Jews the following: “You are not doing what you have to do, the wars depend on you and not on them, you are actually forcing them to fight.” It says, “The hearts of ministers and kings are in the hands of the Creator.”

Everything comes from Him and He doesn’t just send missiles upon the Israeli nation: “If you do your job, if you connect, you will understand who you are and how to do good to the world, so please, show the nations of the world the method of correction. After all, you are the only ones who have it. Then the wars will stop and everything will calm down and the nations of the world will help you.”

This is not a lecture or mockery, I am saying this with a crying heart. The Israeli nation in the Land of Israel has to do its job, to bring Light to the world.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/3/12, “Exile and Redemption”

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  1. Excellent!

  2. it is very clear the the Jews have been off base for at least 2000 years resulting in anti-Semitism that threatens our extinction. Hate to disillusion you but we are merely a part of the community of man, nothing more and our idea that a piece of land belongs to us will be our undoing for we nor anyone else owns anything, only the creator does. Our present infatuation with the land has overwhelmed our duty to spread the light of the Torah further excelorating our downward spiral. We just don’t seem to get it as our stubborn pride misdirects us. We now exist as a people only through the toleration of good graces from those who are educated, while those who are not are poised to overwhelm us with their growing numbers as they prepare to die for their causes. We so far have been unable to see the “handwriting on the wall”, I am hoping that we awaken from the 2000 year old bad dream before it is to late.


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