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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In recent news, here and there, the first drops of information regarding the upcoming international sanctions planned against Israel have started to leak. European countries have already openly stated this, and the UN is preparing certain sanctions.

Tension rising from a small seed is beginning to grow like a snowball, triggering a domino effect where one event leads to an avalanche of others. We can imagine where it may take us since we have seen how this works in the example in other countries. You explain that all evil is revealed so that we reveal the good. Now that we can already  see this evil that is about to overtake us, what can we do to correct the situation and bring us to the good?

Answer: I hope that we will first realize that everything descends from the upper force and there is nothing else. The entire nation of Israel must reach the final realization of the middle line. And then, in relation to the rest of the world, we will be a shamash, the candle that lights up all the other candles in the candelabrum.

Nature is one, and within it, there is only one upper force; Einstein attempted to discover it some time ago. This is the one force working in the entire universe, and all the other forces and laws man observes and senses derive from it.

We exist within the grid of forces, which is under the authority of one upper force that holds all of reality together. If we uncover this unified force, we will know everything: how to get along with this force, how to manage ourselves, how to achieve the best possible condition, and what our purpose is in accordance with the general program of creation, and what goal we are supposed to reach.

So, we needn’t fear the UN and other countries’ sanctions if we are holding on to this upper force. After all, we understand that all negative events are a projection of our own shortcomings that we need to feel in the form of disappointments, problems, and threats so that we may advance and be more united.

Then let’s start uniting! Let’s become as the Torah teaches us: “One man with one heart.” If we started to connect, we would be able to see the “reverse world.” In the same world today, full of hatred and enmity, there would be peace, contentment, and good relations, many times greater than the what we are trying to achieve now.

The nations of the world will immediately start feeling good about the people of Israel and will only wait for when we will achieve even greater connection. After all, through our connection, as through a pipe, the upper force begins flooding the world. And then the crisis fades, and all the hatred, all the competition, all the problems, religious clashes, unrest, and economic hardships disappear.

Everything stabilizes and calms down, and it is solely up to us! Therefore, I take the news about sanctions and the enormous pressure and threat as a sign that the nation of Israel is at a crucial, critical point in history. This is where it is being decided whether the world will move forth benevolently—toward oneness, which is the end point of our development. As it is written: “And My house will be the house of prayer for all peoples,” and “all nations will gather in it to unite in a single union.”

Or are we going to have to move towards the same goal, but by suffering? That implies a third world war and terrible misery and suffering, and most of all for the people of Israel. After all, we are the ones responsible for the world’s correction, and therefore, all the pressure and all the troubles that come upon the whole world will return to us as a result so that we suffer.

We are the center, the same group that came out of Babylon and was once perfected. But then it was correction only for ourselves, but now we have to perfect the whole world, to become “a light to all nations.”

So when I hear about impending UN sanctions and the European countries, I am not looking for some temporary relief measures. The only way to avoid this threat is to begin moving in the right direction. Otherwise, nothing will help.

We have nowhere to run; we are here and now begin the correcting process, having acknowledged that it is all up to us and it is our sole responsibility to build a center of the world here from where the whole world will be receiving its spiritual nourishment.
From the Weekly Torah Portion 12/4/12

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