A War With No Winners

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe current situation of the Israeli nation is different than it was in the past. We were spoiled by the impressive victory of the Six Day War, and we were very proud of our strength. That’s the way it has been until recently, but in the last operation “Pillar of Cloud” has made a correction for us; for the first time we didn’t come out as winners, but rather confused, perplexed, and beaten. It is a very important lesson, a great correction that occurred in each of us. We have to feel it deeply and not try to erase this unpleasant feeling.

We already understand that it doesn’t matter how we carried on this operation, it could not have ended successfully. It is totally useless, and we are only making the whole world turn more and more against us. For the first time we are starting to understand that we are helpless and cannot do anything. Next time, when things get worse in a couple of years, it will be even worse. This is a conflict that has no solution here and now.

It is good that we have reached this understanding that now forces us to find the real answer. We cannot win by using the same force that those who attack us are using.

I hope that now people will begin to listen to us, since they have no more solutions. Otherwise the situation will simply be hopeless. This problem has no rational solution that is based on sound logic of this world. But eventually, we will be threatened not only by our neighbors that are surrounding us on all sides, but by the whole world that would rise against us and take their side. Even now everyone is supporting them and we are not wanted at all. So what will we do then?

We will have to listen to what the wisdom of Kabbalah says, which explains that the solution is on another plane. It is impossible to solve this problem by conventional means, but only by the help of the upper force. This is why the problem is being revealed!

Everyone must experience the defeat deep in his soul, as if to go through a “washing machine” that washes away the last remnants of pride. At the same time we still acquire a wisdom that enables us to understand that the solution is on another level.

Now we can already turn to the nation openly and say: “Look, we are up against a wall! We can either break it (and the wall is inside us), or this will be our burial place. The situation is the same as the situation before Mt. Sinai where we accepted the condition: Connect as one man in one heart and by that reveal the upper force among us or that here would be our burial place.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/23/12, “A Speech for the Completion of The Zohar”

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  1. Dr. Laitman,

    I am very confused as to why your posts prior to the US elections were directed at who would become President (and would better defend Israel from Iran). Now with the recent conflict in Israel, its all focused back on correction.

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