Do Not Take A Ticket For The Doomed Ship

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt was clear from the very beginning that the operation “A Pillar of Cloud” would end with the signing of the ceasefire agreement. What do Israelis feel now? One way or the other, there is a large portion of frustration and humiliation in this feeling.

The era of “victorious” wars has long since ended, and each conflict now leaves a more bitter aftertaste. In fact, Israeli citizens are under constant threat, in the crosshairs of the enemies who are “hanging” over the roofs and can reach everyone. Today, they are still unable to send thousands of precision guided missiles, but tomorrow they will have the opportunity. It’s clear to everyone.

Besides, Israel is bound by a “peace agreement,” which in fact is no more than a truce, the same agreement about a ceasefire. And as soon as the “second party” has a good opportunity, it immediately resumes military actions without advance notice.

So, Israelis now have to live under the constant threat of a sudden strike, sudden terrorist attack, or sudden war…. All his life a person will have a “notch” in his mind: Where can he hide in the allocated seconds or minutes. And will he be able to? This applies to the whole country, without exception. And if the siren didn’t work, so, bad luck…

For the most part, terrorists can carry out a joint attack, firing from various border areas hundreds or even thousands of missiles in a short time in order to break the most “intelligent” shields. And there’s nothing you can do. Simply put, their missile is a flying iron “pipe” with explosives, and it takes years of work of the best experts and anti-missile systems to intercept it, which costs a lot of money.

In short, people feel or soon will feel humiliated and helpless. And this feeling will grow among the people, all the more so after the ceasefire. After all, the enemies still insist. They will quickly recover their arsenal and damaged communication without experiencing a lack of people and money.

It turns out that Israel is in a bind. It has no answer, neither military, nor ideological, nor political.

The world downright asks of the Jews: “Leave this ‘lot,’ get out of it, and scatter all over the earth.” For example, Russia will invite them to Birobidzhan where there is plenty of pine trees, mosquitoes, and degrees Celsius, however in the minus range. “Please, we are wholeheartedly ready to give you this wonderful area. Live as you like!” And the world will warmly endorse this initiative and even will throw in a few billion, which will be stolen….

Today, people don’t know about this, but the Jews were already moved there: They were taken at night, whole families, and put on trains. It took two weeks, and you have arrived. To a place where there was nothing….

But worse things have happened: In 1938, after Kristallnacht when people were already thrown in death camps, Nazi Germany allowed nine hundred Jews to immigrate to Cuba. However, the ship with refugees who tried to escape from death was not permitted. In Havana, they were not allowed to disembark; President Roosevelt did not respond to a call for help; the U.S. Coast Guard ships did not allow them to come to the coast of Florida, and Canada responded with an official rejection.

They eventually sailed back to Europe, to meet certain death. Only due to the efforts of the head of the European office of the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, the ship was allowed port in Antwerp. As a result, about two-thirds of the passengers survived the war, and others, including the elderly and children, also perished in the concentration camps.

What did those people feel returning to Europe? They simply had nowhere to go. Everyone rejected them; the “civilized world” literally sent them to their death. And how far are the Jews from a similar situation today?

So, if today Israelis become aware that they have nowhere to escape, they will understand their purpose, they will understand that in this way they are forced to carry it out. It’s impossible to force a person to this in another way because by nature a human being does not accept the news of bestowal. So, the question is very serious: Either you want to find yourself on the doomed ship and wander, rejected by everyone, until you have accomplished your mission, or you get down to business in advance, without waiting for disaster.

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