Abandoning Outdated Paradigms

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our friend who was in New York during the hurricane told us that never before was there an atmosphere in the New York group such as during this difficult time, how they are all focused on studying and on close relations.

Answer: We have to thank the Creator for the hurricane!

But is this what we need? All a smart person needs is a small needle prick and he’s ready to be good. However, the stubborn ones need serious blows, and this is called “I hardened Pharaoh’s heart.” Everything depends on the person.

I hope that with the help of our method of developing connection, our public relations in the Internet, and all that we’ve reached, we’ll be able to quickly and painlessly explain to people and to ourselves that all these blows simply disappear if we begin to look at them as a means for an ascent.

Baal HaSulam writes in one of his letters that all of this is an illusion. Just look at these blows from aside, as a reason to appeal to the Creator, and they will disappear instantly. Appeal to the Creator and the problems are gone.

We must understand that in our world there’s nothing that really exists. All we see is being drawn in our organs of perception. All of this will disappear as soon as we reformat our organs of perception toward the Creator.

Therefore, let’s act more rationally and give up our old paradigms because they’ve outlived themselves.
From the Virtual Lesson 11/11/12

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