Taking Care Of The Spiritual Need

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I keep myself in a state of constant need for spiritual fulfillment?

Answer: This is a problem that comes and goes, comes and goes, and does so constantly and alternately.

What can I do with it? It depends on the friends.

If they promote the greatness of the goal, greatness of the Creator, greatness of the group, greatness of oneself, if I suddenly start seeing how much they advance and I do not and I begin to stir myself with pride, envy, etc, then I acquire new Kelim (vessels), new voids. And then I advance. It is very important to be envious: “Why not me?” It is important for advancing. This drives a person.

That is why a group should as if tease everyone. It should flirt with him all the time, constantly stimulating the desire to move in him.

He has to see his friends as people who advance: “They are ahead of me, they are more sympathetic to each other, they understand each other, are more direct with each other; look how they are already getting closer. Spiritual substance is beginning to emerge between them, and I’m somewhere on the side; I cannot, I am not like them.” These states are very useful for a person.
From  a Virtual Lesson 11/11/12

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