“When Law And Order Break Down”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from SHTFplan.com): “Cities from coast-to-coast are facing unprecedented budget deficits that have left government officials with no choice but to strip police forces to a bare minimum. We now regularly hear about new ‘records’ being broken in the resulting crime waves that follow.

“Law enforcement officials in Chicago, for example, have said that their city has deteriorated into a domestic war zone with gang violence leaving scores of people dead on a regular basis. Murder, rape, robbery and assault have skyrocketed in bankrupt Stockton, California, suggesting that local governments are quickly losing control.

“In New Jersey, the city of Camden may soon be granted the dubious distinction of being the poorest and most violent city in America. …

“As local, state and federal officials in the United States realize the reality of our fiscal and economic situations, they will be forced to make serious cuts in areas that have become essential to the American way of life.

“Personal safety, food security, health care and critical public services will inevitably be sacrificed as across-the-board austerity measures become the norm, not the exception.

“Impoverishment will lead to desperation and anger, which in turn leads to “nothing left to lose” attitudes and a rise in violence and criminal activity.”

My Comment: Only one condition should be added to welfare benefits: attending free courses in integral education (where there is free food in addition to the benefits), and all the negative consequences will be turned to positive! Otherwise the neglected and impoverished masses will lead the country to a civil war.

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