Envy Is Useful When It Increases Wisdom

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt all depends on how a person looks at life and what he wants from it. If he wants to attain the spiritual goal and that’s the most important thing for him in life, then all the means that help him reach this goal are good. It turns out that they are on the same upper spiritual level as the goal itself, since by them he builds the final state and through them fulfills the goal.

So in our daily life in the egoistic world, a person usually hates those who envy him and sometimes also hates the attribute that evokes the envy in him. On the plane of the spiritual work, however, we look for how to evoke the envy in us by ourselves. As it says: “The envy of writers will increase wisdom.”

Authors (Sofrim in Hebrew) refer to those who want to count (from the same root in Hebrew) their achievements and who advance by envying the advancement of others. Such a person, therefore, respects and values the friends and loves them; he loves the environment that allows him to constantly envy the success of others.

The greater others seem to him and the more he humbles himself, the more he sees that they are attracted to the goal, that they devote themselves to the work, that they try to overcome all the obstacles, and to what extent they are more connected to each other than he is connected to them. His whole perspective of the friends isn’t aimed at annulling them, but actually at raising and appreciating them even more.

By that he gains new powers and develops new attributes. All this existed in him from the start, of course, since everything is included in the point in the heart, which is the root of a person’s soul and which includes all the information about him, like in a drop of semen, Reshimot (reminiscences).

A person, however, has to develop this point. So when he envies the friends and sees their persistence and loyalty, the powers they exert despite their fatigue, the fact that they don’t allow themselves to waste time, the fact that they get up very early to come to the lesson—all this fills a person with new powers and develops the attributes in him, thus allowing him to advance.

We should reach great envy. As it says: “Envy, lust and honor take a person out of the world,” into the upper world. Let’s hope we will succeed in achieving the right great envy.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/15/12

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