A Solution That Has Been Proven Throughout History

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to reach true peace, we have to let everyone know that our people need to unite. Only this will solve our problem. It has been proven by history; after all, once we used to exist only thanks to the connection among us and the ability to reach mutual guarantee, and thanks to that we became a nation.

The people of Israel are not an ordinary nation that exists because it came into being and developed in a certain geographical location. It is a group of people who left Babylon and decided to live according to the principle of “love thy friend as thyself.” It is only thanks to this that they became a nation, and this is our foundation. If there is not this foundation, we are not a nation and don’t feel that we belong to one another. It is only the hatred around us that brings us together and closes us as if in a sack of nuts. But in fact, if everything were okay with us, we would all disperse in every direction.

So we must understand that if it weren’t for our foundation, the general connection and mutual help, we wouldn’t be a nation living in its state. The whole world treats us as if there is something temporary in our country, but this is because we don’t build ourselves as a nation here, and we are not a nation by nature.

It is impossible, for example, to say that a Frenchman doesn’t belong to his nation. No matter where he goes he will feel that he belongs to his country. But a Jew who goes abroad stops feeling that he belongs to Israel to such an extent that he wants to vanish among the strangers and to be like them: a Frenchman or an American.

We lost the connection between us, the mutual guarantee, two thousand years ago. Now, after having returned to this land, we have to behave like we did in the past and only then will we be a nation!

Thanks to that we will achieve a lot. Now the whole world is in a critical state, affected by the general crisis in different aspects of life. The world is not connected either and so it cannot overcome the global crisis. It is already clear to everyone that we must unite. Everyone speaks about it, starting from prime ministers to all the media.

We are so connected worldwide that we will not be able to exist unless we have good relations. The whole world is in a constant decline and everyone is looking for a method that will enable us to connect.

Only the method that our nation has, that it used in the past and reached connection with, will help here. If we fulfill it now among our nation and return to mutual guarantee, we will serve as an example for the whole world.

This doesn’t mean that all the nations have to connect that way; they are already connected naturally. But by that we will set an example for them as to how the whole world should unite. There is no other solution. In order to overcome the general global crisis, we must all unite into one whole and the people of Israel should be an example for the whole world and present the method of connection to everyone.

There is a method of integral connection, which we are working on. This means that there is a solution, and all we have to do is bring it to the people and explain that this method is our salvation, the salvation is not only for the nation of Israel, but for the whole world. Thus we unite the nation not only within the borders of Israel, but we are also an example for the whole world, which is called “being a Light to the nations.”

By that we will see how the world overcomes the crisis. We will decrease the tension and the problems and solve the conflict with our neighbors, which is also caused by the lack of the right connection between everyone. The hate towards us, the forces, and the tension are all a result of the imbalance.
From Talk 1 “The Solution is in Unity” 11/18/12

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  1. Our people need to unite but in under the true rule. Nazis were united around very retarded idea, but they had unity, Israel needs to unite around the true source, to unite around the light, and this seems to be real problem, Israel has to be purified first from all dirtiness in it.

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