Extinguishing All Problems Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A women’s community sometimes lacks mutual warmth and support, and consequently, the relations between women are not always kind. What can we do about this?

Answer: First of all, this is natural for women. There a natural competition between them unlike an artificial competition between men. With men there should be some specific reason for them to start competing with one another. While with women it isn’t this way, strife between them is dictated by nature, and therefore we constantly have to calm them down.

Within us, men, women extinguish problems associated with moving forward. Whereas within women we have to shut down problems associated with backtracking because when various squabbles arise between them, it means moving backwards. Conflicts between men usually come up because of swings caused by the influence of the Light, from the sensation of the spiritual advancement when the upper influence collides with our egoism, but not because they are against one another. Women’s conflicts stem from their interactions on the corporeal level. Thus, we, men, have to help them in this, while they have to help the men.
From the Virtual Lesson 04/07/2013

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