The Revelation Of Egoism Is The Highest Gift Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am very excited about your statement to women and I think that it is right, especially after the experience I gained as a result of the exercise that you suggested: try to get closer to unity and if you find that you criticize your girlfriends, attribute this to the Creator.

As a result of this exercise, I discovered that my attitude not only to my friends but toward absolutely everyone (except my kids) is criticism. It is like an instinct, like breathing, which you do not notice. And the more you do it, the more it persists. Despite the fact that I continue to attribute this to the Creator, it is growing, and I just don’t have strength up to the point of nausea. Sometimes there is a desire to have someone wipe me out.

What can I do with this if it is my nature? Men do not have it; they are much purer. How can we, women, help each other find and correct this quality?

Answer: Only when a person applies efforts to unite in the group according to the method of Kabbalah does one discover in herself or himself the forces that oppose this. These forces are called egoism. And all the other desires to “grab” more for oneself exist in everyone, even in animals, and from the point of view of Kabbalah are not considered egoism.

What to do: the same as the men do, who also have this but in a different form. The revelation of egoism (Pharaoh) is the highest gift of the Creator because this brings the need to turn to Him for help! And turning to Him leads to His revelation!

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