Procrastination Is Like Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that we agree to remain in the current state as it is. We think that due to this we are becoming smarter, but this is the effect of the egoistic forces (Klipot) of this world. Indeed, in our world, the longer I stay in one place, live there, observe different phenomena, the more experience I gain. And there is none wiser than the experienced.

It turns out that I ought to be in the same stage as long as possible, and thus I will “grow older” there, that is, will gain wisdom (Hochma). This is what we see in our world concerning our experience. And so we resist any change. It seems to us that there is nothing wrong if one state will continue day after day.

But we need to have faith above reason, understanding that each degree is possible only from a higher degree. Everything received by us at the present stage comes from the next one above it. This is the source of all our actions, decisions, conclusions, and strength. The head is at the top and, below it, we have just its consequence, that is, the body. We will never learn anything from these consequences and will not know the real cause of what is happening.

We will only see how one is related to another, but why? This reason will always be false. We will replace the knowledge of the true root with a link between its consequences. And they do exist. But the origin of all that has happened through this chain of events is only at the highest degree, it’s always at the top.

This is a completely different understanding like that of a young child and of an adult beside him. The child knows his toys and knows how to play with them better than adults do. But the mind, hidden in these games, concerned with how to build with them and teach the child in order to advance his development is all done by the adult. A child would have remained at the same level if he hadn’t been given new toys and put in a more developed environment.

Therefore, we must understand that our willingness to remain in the existing condition is an egoistic Klipa. The group and the teacher must put pressure on everyone and move him toward the goal, not agreeing that people get stuck in one position for many years. Being frozen in one state is religion (Daat). And an ascent every time above knowledge (Daat) towards faith, bestowal, requires work. A person has to be awakened to it because our egoism does not allow us to move and hangs onto our feet.

Usually, the ego holds us by the feet and coaxes: “Stay here and everything will be fine.” Why bother if it all depends on the Creator and comes from Him, because it’s said that “it is better to sit and do nothing”? A person immediately finds a lot of quotes to justify his laziness and ceases to advance.

It turns out that he is already dead. This is because spiritual advancement is calculated by the states (even momentary) during which the person tried to get closer to delighting the Creator, and that is why he was searching how to bring pleasure to created beings, because only through the created beings is it possible to bring pleasure to the Creator. Thus this chain is closed, helping us scrutinize. The Creator is the cause and the created beings are the means. The created being is the means and the Creator is the goal.

But the person thinks that he is tired, out of energy, motivation, and the feeling of importance, and he agrees with this state thinking that it will move by itself. He hopes that in the end everything will pass, and thereby he already condemns himself to death. Only the group can help here, the influence of the environment, mutual guarantee, and, above all, constant responsibilities according to a strict daily schedule that a person has to carry out. Thus, he buys time.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/28/13, The Zohar

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