The Hearts Are Drawn After The Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar—Introduction, “Rejoicing in Holidays and Not Giving to the Poor”: This is the meaning of Truth’s complaint about the creation of man, saying that he is all lies… However, Hesed said, “Let him be created because he does mercy,” since the mercies that he does, which is necessarily an act that is scrutinized as bestowal, through it, he is gradually corrected until he can engage in all the Mitzvot in order to bestow.

The attribute of truth speaks about the matter of the desire that is totally egoistic (in order to receive) and which cannot think about anything else but receiving for itself. So why was it created? After all, it isn’t worthy of anything. This is how a person sees himself in the mirror of truth.

But the attribute of Hesed is responsible for the fact that a person can change. This is because the matter of the desire can perform actions of Hesed (mercy).

But how is that possible? After all, the desire to receive is in a total lie and only wants to benefit for its own sake. It is true, all its intentions are for its own good, but the actions can be aimed at in order to bestow. Then, despite this internal split, despite the gap between the thoughts and the actions, the actions with the inaccurate intentions at the moment can change the desire.

I use the actions of bestowal in order to reach the attribute of bestowal. Although I don’t want to reach bestowal and I only seem to be yearning for it, if I try to do so as much as I can by connecting to the friends, the teacher, and the Creator, then together with this lie on part of the attribute of truth, these actions will bring me to correction.

I cannot evoke the Surrounding Light by my egoistic intention, but the action itself is in order to bestow and I am aware of that. So I evoke the Light that Reforms and it influences me to the extent that I seemingly want to exit my egoistic intention of in order to receive and acquire an altruistic intention of in order to bestow.

It is true that I cannot and don’t want to bestow, but my actions are aimed correctly, and that is enough. A correct action together with the wrong intention evokes the Light that corrects the intention.

It is because I am made of a desire and an intention (a thought). I cannot control my intention, since I always want for myself. Sometimes it seems that I really want the good of others, but then it turns out that it’s all a fixed game and that I simply lie to myself since I don’t understand myself. My intentions are wicked, wrong or evil (by mistake or even intentionally). This is a result of the shattering of the vessels and there is nothing we can do about it.

But I can perform actions in the group, in dissemination, and in spreading integral education. If these actions are arranged correctly so that I can fulfill them, I have to ask the group for the power to come to the lessons and to the teacher in order to gradually acquire wisdom and turn to the public in order to convey my message to them so that they will accept my opinion. I arrange my actions as if I bestow as much as possible. This is enough in order to evoke the Surrounding Light, which in response begins to change my intention.

This is because my actions are correct and only my intention is corrupt. Now it’s also added to my actions by the Surrounding Light that operates. Thus “the hearts are drawn after the actions,” until the intention matches that action.

We are different from everyone else only by our intention by which we draw the Light that Reforms. If we don’t do that, we will not succeed and things will even get worse. We will go through a new round that will eventually also bring us to the good but by the path of suffering.

Performing good actions is not a problem. I can give out presents only because there is an angel with a stick standing behind me, and if I stop for a moment, I immediately receive a blow. It turns out that the action itself is fine, but the intention is sometimes concealed even from me. So the only thing I need is to evoke the Surrounding Light by my efforts. I try to add the right intention regarding the friends, the teacher, the study, and the public since it’s these efforts that evoke the Light that Reforms.

The matter of the desire doesn’t change, the actions don’t change; the only thing that changes is the intention. The whole creation is intended only for establishing the right intention and to gradually connect it to our actions.

The actions have to match the intention. First I don’t want to receive anything since I don’t have the right intention, and then I can already receive something thanks to the Masach (screen) and the Returning Light. I can already bestow in return, and then I operate the desires, my vessels of receiving.

This means that our work can be in avoiding receiving or in receiving in order to show that we understand what the Creator’s love towards us is and we want to thank Him for that and to repay with the same attitude. The main thing is that the intention determines the quality of the action.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13, The Zohar

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