In The Service Of His Majesty The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I can disseminate by way of the Internet but not on the street; I cannot; it is not pleasant for me.

Answer: I understand you. It could be that on the Internet you are hidden under some pseudonym and so forth. But in spite of all this, try to go out into the street, even without connection to a group and to friends, imagine that the Creator is next to you and He requires you to do this, He asks.

You are going out into the street not from your initiative; you have no link to this. He simply puts you there so that you will distribute flyers so that every person who passes by you will feel that the Creator is in you and you are granting him a portion of the Light, another handful of Light and another additional handful to everyone who passes by.

And it makes no difference how he reacts to this; it is the Creator who arranges their reactions. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad; and you need to feel all this. All this is compulsory in order to “format” you a little and to accommodate you to the spiritual world. This is to say, the Creator is found in you and in others and you are the link between His inner and outer part, and ultimately also reach adherence with Him.

Imagine a state like this: You are alone, without a group, without friends, without anything. You have a package of flyers in your hand that you need to distribute. You are now in the service of His majesty the Creator. This is all. Everything is simple. You yourself don’t exist. Try it! You will suddenly feel that your ego doesn’t belong to this, and you are not found here.

There is some kind of an image, a puppet, which was created by the Creator so that it would distribute flyers. The Creator cannot take on your form. Therefore you took on this form. In other words, you are essentially the embodiment of the Creator. He is found within you: Now He acts with your hand; now He speaks by way of your mouth, and this is the Creator in the role of a stranger and He turns to you.

In this manner, He teaches you from two sides: from the side of the external world, the community, and from inside you. And you begin to feel all this within you. About this it is said: (Tehillim 139:5) “Thou hast hemmed me in behind and before”. And this is the revelation of the Creator to a person in all that happens to him.

And you arrange a single experiment like this. And therefore this is very interesting! You begin to feel where He is and where you are. In every fraction of a second and even with greater frequency, in you appear an immense number of thoughts, emotions, sensations, internal investigations, and the analysis of things.

In this manner you overcome the psychological barrier and will see how much this opens you immediately; you begin to understand how the Creator fills the whole world and that specifically He gives you these sensations of discomfort. What for? So that you will require Him and will not abandon your mission that was given to you in order to draw you to Him.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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