Start Working With People!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to see the uniqueness of the Creator in everything that is around us more sharply and prominently?

Answer: The fact is that for years we have studied the theory and we have felt a little of the different inner changes within us, between us. But they were external, vague, they didn’t penetrate into our emotions and flesh.

Now, when we go out to disseminate on the outside, we begin seriously to grasp their influence upon us, our influence on the others, and with this, we prepare ourselves for a sharper and more real feeling of the Creator.

Listen to what our friends say about their impressions and excitement about dissemination; how before going out before any person, they need to prepare themselves internally in order to discover Him. This is most imperative! Otherwise, nothing will succeed for them. Here they feel that they need to connect with the group, they need to read some piece before they begin the work with another person, and they need to direct themselves in the right way.

Each one requires that the unity of the group will be within him, that the Creator will be in the unity of the group in order to coordinate all this within him, that this power of the Creator passes through the group and through him, that he will be able to direct this to the person, and that he will immediately receive all that he wants to convey to him, even without words.

They see firsthand how this happens because all of us exchange energy between us. Our verbal communication is only external. In every circumstance within, in all of our structure, we become spiritual Kelim, vessels: my desire, the foreign desire, and the Light between us, which I can convey to another, to become a conductor of the Light. Therefore we are called “conduits,” pipes, for conducting the upper Light to all people.

If you sit in one place, nothing will come to you. Go out and start working with people, then you will see firsthand actively and sharply what happens.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/13, Question and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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