What Prevents Us From Connecting?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we are ready to meet several times a week, to read and discuss things, what prevents us from connecting with the friends?

Answer: Your egoism. It will grow every day, and it will find increasingly greater flaws in your friends so that everyday you will look at them with greater aversion.

Question: Won’t I know the reason for this?

Answer: There can be many reasons. Don’t you believe me? In a year from now we will ask you and you will tell us how you are doing.

There are times when people are simply indifferent: You come, study, you seem to be needed, helpful, and then after getting used to this, you simply stop noticing the fiends for a while.

Then as you work with them, you feel criticism towards them; you find bad points in everyone, until it comes to actual repulsion and alienation.

But the real hatred appears when people are seriously working on connection. Then the true ego appears and is revealed very strongly. This is where the actual serious work begins.
From the Georgia Convention 11/06/12, Lesson 2

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