A “Golden Key” For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, in any city in the world, we see products on the shelves from all the large corporations that are actively conquering markets. Why can’t we also actively enter the general global market and disseminate the idea, which, in fact, would pull crowds after it?

Answer: If we were to sell what the ego needs, then it would be very simple for us. We could turn to people and show them that, let’s say, with the help of a unique wonder pen, it would be possible to write without mistakes, and they would run to us. And if the regular display of the pen wouldn’t produce any impact, then we would advertise it.

But with the help of the integral method we cannot fulfill the ego. On the contrary, we tell people about the anti-egoistic actions that they need to carry out on themselves. Therefore we cannot go out to them directly and sell this as something desirable.

In what circumstance does our product become desirable? This will happen when problems appear for people. We can come to them only as doctors. After all, if they feel that it’s bad for them, they will run to the doctors and ask for a remedy.

Now the time has arrived in the history of evolution that we have been expecting for thousands of years: Humanity has reached a state in which it’s beginning to feel its nature as evil and nothing can be done about it. Suppose that some kind of terrifying “organism” lives in a person, for example, some kind of cancer or radioactive disease, and he cannot get rid of it; the disease eats him from within. The same thing is happening with our ego.

When we begin to understand that the ego is devouring us, doesn’t develop us, forces us to divorce, not bring descendants into the world, and forces children to abandon their parents, to need drugs, and brings us to a terrible state where we clearly see that the ego is our enemy, our evil, our original nature, that there is nowhere to escape from it; then we look for a way out. Or we will continue to slowly kill ourselves through drugs with sweet ecstasy, withdrawing from life in a narcotic delirium. After all, humanity, governments, and the people are ready for this. Look at what is happening and will happen again with the popularity of drugs, especially if it would be carried out as a mass campaign with the right advertising, then it would be possible to achieve anything.

Or we can rein in our nature and transform the evil to good.

With this, we should go out to people because they don’t understand it themselves and cannot find a “golden key” in nature, a unique and wonderful means that is ready to change their evil nature that is exterminating them, society, the family, and the environment. This means will help us to create relationships between us, which will transform our lives into a Garden of Eden, not in the sense that everything on the face of the earth will be for us (this is not the problem) but that humanity will truly feel itself as being in “paradise.”

In the “Garden of Eden,” (heaven)  means, at the level of the higher power, in a state of eternity, perfection, absolute attainment. It’s very difficult to express this in words since there is nothing analogous to this in our world.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 3

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  1. Well written commentary…thank you for your thoughts . . .

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