Hypocrisy Or A Game?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A significant part of our internal work is to pretend that we are already in our next state. It’s extremely important for us. At the same time people are taken aback by stereotypes that it’s hypocritical and false. How do we work with this?

Answer: Please don’t work with it! For example, I look directly into your eyes and say: “Anatoly, I can’t  even imagine that I love you so very much!”

In other words, we pretend that we are already in our next state as children who play that they are adults and thus grow up. At the same time, we trigger powerful forces of integral and undivided nature that raises us according to the same principle as it raises children. By playing this game, we get closer to nature.

A child learns automatically like a little monkey: You do something and he “copycats” the same thing. Why can’t we act likewise?

Learn from nature! However, don’t pick up from the human or animate levels, but rather from the vegetative nature. At this phase, everything anticipates and aspires to the next state. That’s the reason plants grow. This is exactly how any live cell develops: by aspiring to its next state.

It happens because AHP of the upper one used to be in Galgalta ve Eynaim of the lower onethis is the way everything descended. That’s why when we aspire to the next state, we discover AHP inside our Galgalta ve Eynaim, that is, in our upper part we discern the higher state. That’s it! We don’t tune up to the upper one, but rather try to penetrate into it since it’s already inside us.

Question: Still, how do I relate to what we do if I see it as phony?

Answer: Treat it as a game. We are playing! We are actors! Can I press the button marked “Love” only because Rabash writes in his works that “everybody has to love, respect, and bow to the group, and feel it as something great”? It’s not for me. However, if I make an effort, it will trigger the Surrounding Light, that in its turn will instigate my next internal condition that is already present inside me, and now it starts replacing my current state. It’s a simple physical principle. There is no miracle here. We have to explain it to others on a larger scale.

We have no other choice. The Creator requires it from us through the world that He displays to us. We have to accept this challenge and respond to this unique opportunity granted to each of us. We have to take advantage of this chance, hold each other’s hands, get closer, hug, connect our hearts and brains, and thus break through to the next level of existence.

The upper world will disclose itself to us inside our unity. Let’s constantly keep it in mind, and then theoretical knowledge that we have been studying for so many years will be revealed in us. I hope to see you all at that level. Just try!
From a Virtual Lesson on Fundamentals of Kabbalah 4/7/2013

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