How Can You Lie To The Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is written in one of the Shamati articles, that you should not lie; but to unite, we often use a game and even such tricks as lying to the Creator or to each other.

Answer: This is not a lie, but playing being in the next state. Think about it, how can I be good to someone if I am still a complete egoist?

We know that the students of Rabbi Shimon, being great Kabbalists, before starting to write The Book of Zohar each time felt that flames of hatred raged between them and they were ready to turn each other into ashes.

Then, what should we do, take our friends and really “turn them into ashes,” to be true and faithful according to our desires? Or conversely, should we begin to rise above them by faith above reason, understanding that the Creator increases our egoism, and we must rise above it?

How can we do this if we do not have yet the strength to ascend? That is why in our world we are given the animal state when we are in the human/animal body, in relationships with other animals, and at the same time, our points in the heart are either in a state of getting closer to each other or in a state of rejection of one another.

The fact is that we are simultaneously in two planes: in the lower world, which exists in the material, physical form, and in the upper world in the form of contacting points. Our heart is at the lowest level and the points in the heart are at the upper level. But we want to feel and determine our existence not at the lowest but at the upper level.

That is why in our world, we are given a sense of opposition to friends, reluctance to be with them. So, we have to get up and play that upper level where seemingly we are already united and wish to reveal a new state among us. This is not a lie, but an attempt, like children to be adults.

We absolutely do not hide our ambivalence to each other. It is said that all the students of Rabbi Shimon felt tremendous mutual hatred, and then working on themselves, they corrected themselves and reached that attainment which they then described in The Book of Zohar.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/23/12

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