The World Expects Shortage Of Work Places

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From “The experts of the International Labor Organization and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development predict that next year a number of developed and developing countries will face mass unemployment and ‘catastrophic shortage’ of jobs. In the alarmist report, the experts urge the countries to take drastic measures to combat unemployment.

“Since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008, developing and developed countries lost 20 million jobs. By the end of next year additional 20 million jobs could be lost. According to some experts, the number of unemployed worldwide has reached 200 million.

“The situation in Europe is particularly difficult. While Germany is relatively successful in coping with unemployment, the second euro-zone economy, France, is in a difficult situation. There is a new concept of ‘superfluous people’ as a result of chronic unemployment. Mostly, these are young people who are the first to lose jobs in downsizing.

“For example, in Italy, every other unemployed person cannot find a job for over a year, and in South Africa this number is two out of three. The authors point out that youth unemployment is rising in 15 countries out of 20. According to the estimates of the International Labor Organization, in Russia the number of new jobs is approximately equal to the number of people who get jobs – approximately 600,000.

“‘We must act now to change the situation with a slowdown in employment growth and restore the lost jobs,’ said director general of the International Labor Organization, Juan Somavia. ‘Creating employment should be the main macroeconomic priority.’

“In addition, the report’s authors believe it is necessary for the states – members of the G20 to raise the level of social protection of its own people and pay attention to the negative forecasts of the economists who talk about the possibility of a second wave of crisis in 2012.”

My Comment: When industry and services become reduced to the necessary level, millions of people will be free from needless work. They will share working hours with the employed workers and work 2-3 hours per day. The rest of the time will be dedicated to studies and upbringing at their workplaces, or other offices, or at home, but it will be necessary for the whole world as work itself. This will be considered their work because through these studies, the world will approach correction, balance, and the revelation of their next stage of development in a good way.

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  1. I would really like to see the rest of the world getting along with everyone else, but I think you’re right, time has to be taken out of the day to study the mutual guarantee and Kabbalah. And, it’s not just a select few people who have to get along, it’s everyone.

  2. Work smart not hard

  3. Hello,

    How can you change the job hours in places that demand high responsibility, qualification and practical skills, like in hospitals, firefighters and police? Isnt that right that the more you have practice the more you are capable helping others especially in these fields? There is no time nor place to make mistakes there. what should a solution be?

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