Show Business With The Correct Intention

Last night, Jacob Seligmann, a student of Bnei Baruch in NY, opened the NY Musical Theater Festival with his new show The Big Bank. It couldn’t be more timely. It’s about a bank ripping people off and getting complete joy from it.

“The audience laughed and cried as the boss of the big bank took such pleasure repossessing and foreclosing and profiting on other’s failure. By the end of the show there is redemption, the boss of the big bank has a “spiritual awakening” and realizes that life is a loan. All of life is like a big bank, and the door is open, take what you want, and everything is recorded. (Baal HaSulam, ‘Peace in the World’).”

There will be an article about Jacob’s journey and show in the new magazine EmergenZ which we all heard about at the Toronto convention.

“Imagine that The Big Bank is on Broadway this summer and we are all there and Jacob is doing interviews in the New York Times and on TV and he is talking about our message to the 99%. This is something that is actually happening now!” (From Seth Breitman’s letter to the friends)

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  1. Very cool to see someone do this!

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