No Empty Calls

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the “Creator?” I feel the force of the group revives me and connection with the teacher as the force vitalizing me, but I do not feel the Creator.

Answer: The Creator is the force that animates everything, thanks to which we exist. There is some force in nature that moves everything. Why do electrons spin in the atom? There is a driving force that is hidden even more than all these tiny elementary particles that make up the entire world. This force is the cause of your life.

Matter itself cannot act. It has no force however great a person may seem. Once they thought that a royal person had something special: blue blood, exceptional qualities. That is, some sort of sanctity was attributed to him, but it’s just an animal body of the same flesh and blood. It is possible that the body has a special spirit, but it is not given as a birthright. Everything is attained only through efforts.

Thus, we are not referring to matter itself, to some image. This world has nothing that would have the power to correct the world, to keep it in the correct form. A very deep inner force acts in this world that is beyond all matter, beyond the electrons and the smallest elementary particles. This is the force to which we turn.

We will feel it when we have a vessel for this, but if we did not aim at this initially, all our actions would be futile. We must think about it to the best of our understanding, our feeling, and these efforts eventually will lead us to the feeling of the Creator; none of my explanations will help.

I explain just for you to make efforts to not forget that you need the Creator and cannot perform any action without Him. Let’s suppose that you are going to give a lecture, a workshop, and you want to succeed. People want to use this workshop to lower their taxes and scream about how bad they feel. You can stay with them only on the first floor, but you can go up to the second floor, which means intention, connection to the higher force that especially arranged everything, and it puts pressure on us, calling us to draw attention to it and come closer to it, to rise to the next level of development.

Then, you will be connected with a group practically and not just be inspired to give a nice lecture. It no longer would be empty calls to unity as the communists did. After all, Stalin also called the people to unite, and Hitler did that as well. They both were socialists. However, we must understand that we are not talking about unity as such but about creating the space for the revelation of the Creator!

This should be our sole and original intent. Otherwise, we will not succeed. We will continue a few more years that will teach us failures like in Russia, Cuba, the Kibbutzim, and all other places where they tried to achieve such unity. All these attempts ended in breakdown for one reason only: They were not made for the sake of the Creator. They were not successful only because of this.

That is why I keep repeating that bringing pleasure to the Creator is the cause of all of our actions and their result, and we should not forget about that in the middle. Only then will we succeed, and then we will see that all the previous failed attempts in all the other places were the preparation for our success. We will succeed due to failures because they prepared the ground for us.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13

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