Starting Anew Each Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf I feel that I have no desire, no yearning, no power to move, and I cannot do anything, I must be incorporated in the friends even more, even if I have no desire to do so, and then I will receive this desire from them.

We live in a reality called this world in which we can perform actions that bring us the desire to do so, even if we don’t have the desire for it at first.

This is called a desire without a desire. I simply come to a collective meal or a dissemination event in order to help the friends. It doesn’t matter whether I do it in order to feel their respect or to be proud that we are doing something important.

I can give myself different egoistic explanations as long as I can be incorporated in the friends. I absorb their desire, even when we just sit and have a beer together. Thanks to that, my desire changes, and I already can begin to perform small actions that are related to the connection between us. I receive the friends’ desires, thoughts, intentions, awakenings, and the feeling of the importance of the spiritual path.

Therefore, this world is the most important level of all. It is outside the spiritual world, but we begin every state, every level, from this world.

When I was near Rabash, I used to wonder how this man who is always so happy, cheerful, and inspiring with burning eyes sometimes fell to a state of feeling totally dead, especially in the morning when he woke up and got up and walked around, looking at everything stunned, not understanding what was going on.

He was totally disconnected from spirituality. However, we are so small that we have nothing to lose, and our detachment from spirituality is as minor as our connection to it.

Rabash used to move slowly. He would sit down to have the cup of coffee I had prepared for him. I would read an extract from “The Study of the Ten Sefirot” to him,  usually from chapter 16 that speaks about Adam HaRishon and the worlds of BYA, and then he would gradually wake up and begin to ascend.

We should understand that every level, until the end of correction, starts from absolute zero from our world, like Rabbi Shimon who fell to the state of Shimon from the market, and it is from this level zero that we must grow until the height of the end of correction.

We must collect material, which means desire for this level, from the state where we are outside the spiritual world, entering it each time anew. This is how it works.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/22/14

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