An Action Without An Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: All our actions, everything that we do, must be aimed at the revelation of the Creator. This is the only way we can determine the effectiveness of our action. And if, after the analysis, it turns out that it is not aimed at the revelation of the Creator, then is it better to “sit and do nothing,” as it is written?

Answer: No, no matter what state you are in, you should still act. There are cases in which a person seems to be “dead,” but he still must come to the group, to be present in it  even if he sleeps during the lesson, he still must perform certain basic actions.

A mechanical action isn’t really mechanical. If I can perform even the tiniest movement, it means that my desire participates in it since otherwise I wouldn’t be able to move.

Not a single molecule or atom could move if there weren’t any desire active in it. The electrons that spin around the nucleus are desires since all of matter is a desire to receive. In all the atoms, molecules, and electrons, there is a great desire to reach a state of saturation.

A state of saturation that is achieved in elementary particles—as a result of the big bang, for example—descends from the spiritual level and operates the whole universe in all the stages of its evolution. This is why they are moving ceaselessly in search of pleasure for fulfillment since it is only this way that they can express their need for fulfillment. They think that they are chasing fulfillment.

We are made of these elementary particles, so we chase pleasure all our life. This yearning is revealed on a different level but in the same direction. So, we must perform mechanical actions, even though they cannot be performed on the emotional level yet.

Sometimes, we think, “Why should I sit with these people? What have I got to say to them? I don’t want that at all. How can I lie to myself and to others?”

Lie to yourself and to others. Pretend. Act like you are their friend! However, remember that it is an act, a lie, since you are doing this consciously. This is part of your development.

“How can I do that? After all, I am an honest person! Why should I sit with them, eat with them, and hug them? I don’t care about them at all. If we loved one another, it would different, but I don’t feel that they are my friends this way.”

That’s right! You don’t feel them, and you even will hate them like Rabbi Shimon’s students. What will you do then? Should everyone leave because of the way they feel? On the contrary, you should be aware and rise above this as you understand that this is how our ego speaks inside us.

Act, although you don’t want to, because your desires are inside you, and the actions are on the outside. After the actions, there will be new desires since the Upper Light influences even actions without a desire. As it is written, “Mitzvot do not require intention.” Even if you perform them mechanically, they summon the Upper Light.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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