A Quantitative Hero And A Qualitative Hero

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t need to demand that other people know and understand the method. They simply must understand that the crisis will continue for many years. Today many are writing about this, but in the meantime nobody comprehends that the fall will continue for years until the last drop of normal existence is squeezed out of us.

This is a law of nature that is understood by those who see a little more deeply than others; there are no miracles here. If we look at the future under the right light, then a terrible picture will open before us: the cruelty of people, spiritual and material emptiness, withdrawal and degeneration of the younger generation, deserted cities, and the complete indifference of human beings who are not ready for anything. The ego will begin to devour itself and will end its existence, like a cancerous tumor that kills the entire body and it itself dies afterward.

We must explain all this to the general public, arrange integral workshops for them, and not just speak about love and friendship, but solve our material problems together. Together with this, they are solved with great ease because within them a higher force participates. People don’t need to know this, it is not necessary to frighten and confuse them. It is enough for them to understand that within connection and unity is found a unique force of nature that helps us. And they will feel this through our workshops.

It is said that there is a quantitative hero and a qualitative hero. A quantitative hero extends in width while a qualitative hero extends in height. Therefore in order to be a quantitative hero, we must connect the masses, to ourselves. And then we can go upward.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Three 11/3/13, Lesson 5

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