All Of The Work Is Within

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn fact, we are found in the world of Infinity; there is no other state. However, in our minds, in our senses, as a result of our desires being egoistic and damaged, we feel a state called “our world” instead of the world of Infinity, and so, in principle, the only thing that we are doing is correcting our senses, correcting ourselves.

Question: If I want to feel the Creator, is it enough for me to sit in a circle and be integrated with the friends?

Answer: Theoretically, if you were in a circle all the time and were to work on your connection with them all the time, then you would have no more need for anything in life, nothing!

This is the ideal physical, mental, and emotional form within which it is possible to work on all of the nuances of our connections, all the way to the spiritual ones, without exception.

Question: And nothing additional is needed?

Answer: Not exactly. We must go out to the world and take all kinds of problems from them. However, again, this is to increase the connection between us even more.

Suppose that we completed some mass of work among us, some egoistic density, and we connect. However, this is not enough to reveal the Upper Light. From where can we receive an addition? We begin from within our circle to go out to disseminate, attaching an egoistic mass to ourselves, an even greater density, and this helps us to come closer between us because we are working above it.

We must go out to people in this manner. However, in principle, all of our work is within, in our circle.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 1

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