Beyond The Negativity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How must one work optimally with the negativity every person and every group of people gathers?

Answer: We don’t work with the negativity in us. I don’t want to know or hear about it, I don’t want it to burrow into me.

First of all, this is very unpleasant, and second this is called eating oneself, as it is written, “The fool folds his hands and eats his own flesh” (Ecclesiastes 4:5). “Look, I am like this! And why did I do this at all!? In my past there are things like these! … And in general, all my life …” So, all of this is incorrect, absolutely erroneous.

Our attitude toward our correction must be positive; I am going only toward the good, only toward the good!

This is because if I think about something bad, I am not connected to the Creator, not aimed in His direction. If there is already something wrong, this is a sign that the Creator is to blame, and, if I am bad, this is also a sign that the Creator is to blame, and if there will be something bad in the future, then it is certain that He is to blame.

This means that I don’t have to think about this at all. I only need to invest effort to connect with others. This is what I need, and it depends upon me!

All the rest doesn’t depend upon me. So, why do I need to think about this? All the rest will be absolutely ideal if only I constantly concentrate my attention on maximal, optimal connection with others in a circle, because a circle is the image of the Creator.

Question: Does negativity belong only to one person or can it belong to a group of people?

Answer: Certainly a group has its common ego, and we need to rise above it. We hold onto only positive thoughts. We don’t criticize ourselves or others in any way. We try to rise above our ego all the time and connect there.

So, in principle, a person cannot be in such a state where he is not in excitement and elation, where he feels negative emotions, and,if he has states like these, this means that he is not in contact with others and especially with God.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 1

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