The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 5

From the book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein, Chapter 1, Abraham’s Forecast:

“The Whole World Is One Family”

Shut Down the US

What happens if the US were shut down? Just close it. Like a kitchen door. There was a kitchen in which someone was cooking something, and now we face the door that does not even have a door knob.

Indeed, what is the use of it? From the USA. By the way, there is a good excuse. Why, I’m sorry … they flooded the whole world with green bills? Close it and then take and share them.

The problem is that this cannot be done!

Why? Because they don’t want it? Or we cannot? No. There is another reason. If we close the US today, tomorrow I, you, and even they will have nothing to eat, meaning no food. Isn’t the connection between the Ukrainian borscht and America clear? Between brandy and cognac and Uncle Sam?

It’s very simple. Borscht and cognac cost money. Because beets for borscht and grapes for cognac should be grown. And how can they grow if there are no pesticides. A desired chemical is produced, for example, in Asia. They will not take Rubles for their product, and they have never seen the Ukrainian Grivna. It turns out that dollars are necessary for those who live in America, and for those who don’t live in America and never will live there.

Richard Duncan, the author of The Dollar Crisis, wrote that the normal state of the global economy depends on the USA.

There are plenty of scenarios of the aftermath of the cessation of the export of dollars. The world community could respond, for example, in the following way.

Central banks, mortgage banks and other banks stop giving dollars because they do not get any anymore. Now China cannot sell knitwear nor France buy oil.

Desperate optimists offer “bunnies” and Shekels for goods. But the buyer does not share their optimism and politely declines. Euro currency is not enough for everyone, and for a long while, no one has seen gold and doesn’t remember what it looks like.

The population starts to stock up with things you cannot manage without in such a situation: automatic weapons and canned meat.

Stores don’t order goods; manufacturers produce nothing. Ships are in ports; the unemployed roams on the streets.

“Nike” sneakers gather dust in warehouses in Beijing, and coffee turns moldy in the port of Rio de Janeiro. The American farmer is left without pesticides, the French gourmet without condiments, the English unemployed without jeans.

Aircrafts turn rusty; the population empties grocery stores and warehouses. There is no running water; there is no toilet paper, and medicines depleted.

Soldiers sell machine guns and dry rations. Unfortunately, the winter is unusually cold; the summer like never before is sultry and the fall too rainy.

An old woman with a crutch wanders on the streets. Her name is devastation. Wars begin. For the bread, water, fuel, and butter…

Yes, the USA cannot be shut down, as well as allthe rest…

By the way, who is to blame for this global collapse? Isn’t it clear?

A recent survey showed that 63% of Poles believe in the worldwide Jewish conspiracy to seize control over the banking system and SMI.

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